Monday, August 9, 2010

Big week

There's a lot happening this week. AUGUST. I know everyone says that it sucks.

"Oh man, this month is so humid."
"Gee guys. August is the SUNDAY of the summer!"
"Wow. Everything gets so weird in August."

WELL F THAT. I'm determined to make August rAwK. I'm starting off this second week in August by going to 6 Flags. Yeah. That's right. Jealous much? It's pretty much going to be like this:

AND. I am getting three disposable cameras developed. They should be coming back this way by Wednesday. COMPLETE WITH PHOTO CD'S. Which means easy fucking uploading. Yeah. Here are some possible highlights of the cameras: pics from my birthday, that time I went to BBQ with my friend Stephanie in Fort Greene, the day I walked around with Molly and we realized that we couldn't have a normal conversation because it was 102 degrees outside and our brains were literally bubbling, and pictures of kitty being qewt! I'm excited.

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FierceBEAUTY said...

Why does mariah wear knee pads and wrist protectors but no helmet?? I guess she didnt want to flatten her frizzy bangs.