Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ok, so I'm going to post some more.

I thought you guys might like some pictures.

So I live in the "East Williamsburg" abyss where Williamsburg melts into Bushwick and it's basically a place where concrete and discount shoe stores go to die. Not my most favorite of neighborhoods, but the other day I was driving around and I discovered a beautiful church that is about 9 blocks from my house! It's on the other side of Woodhull Hospital - which looks less like a hospital and more like a chemical testing facility for the criminally insane. Sooo....I don't really go exploring around there too often. Seriously, Brooklyn. Can we get it together and make it look less like Darth Vader designed our medical facilities? Please.

Then I went home and made an egg.

Then I roast a chicken with these things.

Then things got atmospheric with Kitty.

Good day off.

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