Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Japanese are so bonkers sometimes!

This is a minimalist house designed by the Japanese group Shinichi Ogawa & Associates. They do these crazy buildings with nothing but walls of glass and couches and a large computer in the middle of everything. And maybe a succulent to remind you that you are a living, breathing human being.

I mean. This is awesome. There is nothing but lines and surfaces and clean, white, crispness.

I envy people who think like this. But at the same time, who the fuck is going to live there? My house is a constant labyrinth of piles of magazines and tumbleweeds of cat hair blowin' all over the place. I mean, where in this house would I feel comfortable putting my collection of European licorice? Or that funny horse statue I bought for $10 that one time. Or my globe lamp? It would totally clash. BAM. There go all my surfaces.

I'd probably have to sell kitty just to pay for that one little Japanese maple or whatever that is quivering in it's depressing concrete holding cell. Do they expect that tree to grow? It's roots are gonna totally fuck up the CLEAR GLASS LINES.

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