Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Totally stupid

So this weather. Is totally stupid. No one ever wants it to be this hot. I was in my car todaymm and I looked at the thermostat, and it said 109. 109!!!! Like. I dunno. I had to question and go back through my day and try to remember if I did any crack before I left the house, because the only way it could possibly be that hot is if I was on drugs. The answer was "No. You've just been sitting inside breathing freon all day from your 70's style AC!" Totally rad.

So what did I do? I logically cleaned my entire house, took a shower, had great hair only to have it deflate in the humidity (FUCK YOU HUMIDITY. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO MY HAIR?), went to Target and tried to buy a feather bed!

This is what I had in mind. Me. In the world's most comfortable bed. With the AC blasting. And my cat chillin'.

But what happened when I got there? They only had feather beds in XL Twin & King sizes. What? Where are we? How is everything so totally useless to me right now?

So instead, I got a brisket sandwich from Mile End Delicatessen and drank lemonade and prepared my rental application to get this stupid brownstone apartment in Bed Stuy. So. I'm currently lying on my EXTRA FIRM BED, trying to cool off.

This heat makes me cranky.

The 4th of July was fun. I don't have any pictures because I lost my digital camera the day before I left and found it this afternoon, under my car seat. GRUMP.

I also want these boots. I tried them on in October at APC. They cost $500. I totally should have taken the plunge. Ha! Jk. I could never afford $500 boots. Yet....just wait till I have my book deal and syndicated TV show, you assholes. RAWR I WANT EVERYTHING AND I'M HOT AND GRUMPY!!!!

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