Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Album Alert!

Ok. So over here in Brooklyn, we are in the deepest, darkest depths of summer.

It's 90 degrees every day. Your A/C is starting to make weird noises because it's been cranking at full blast for a month. You can't ride your bike anywhere because there are fire hydrants gushing water everywhere into some weird block party you are definitely not invited to. All of your friends are out of town (how does that always happen?). You spend most of your time at work looking for other jobs. You find yourself drinking a lot more than you ever thought possible. And don't even get me started on the back of your knees being all sweaty...

BUT LUCKILY I have started listening to this great new album by Los Angeles natives, Best Coast. Their new album "Crazy For You," which is supposed to come out later this month (but you can find snippets of it everywhere on the internet), is the perfect background noise for your summer time ennui.

"Crazy For You" is that album for anyone who has found themselves at the end of a dead-end summer romance. You know it's not going anywhere, but for some reason you can't stop thinking about him or her. Kind of fuzzy, kind of 90's grunge girl group, kind of beachy, lead singer Bethany Cosentino sings simple, repetitive songs in a carefree, sunshiny tone. All about someone she used to care about but is no longer in the picture, each song tells the tale of a girl who is trying to have a good summer but can't get that last guy out of her head. But not in a whiny, "poor me" kind of way. It's more like "I miss you but come mid-September I'm not really going to remember your name" kind of way. She sings about those things that you know are insignificant but you don't really have anything else to focus on, so it consumes your brain.

It provides perfect ambience for when you don't want to think about anything but can't stand the idea of sweating by yourself in silence. Or if you decide to stop waiting by the phone and go for a really warm summer time stroll. It's all stuff that you can totally sympathize with and understand, but are tired of saying over and over to the two friends who didn't decide to Eurotrip or manage to go to the beach for three months.

It also makes really great summer drive music. Kind of the stuff you would listen to in your car on the way to high school only. New nostalgia.

She really taps into Courtney Love territory in her track "Honey." It's probably one of the most desperate and emotional songs on the album. It sounds like that inner monologue you play in your head right before you go to sleep and are staring at the ceiling. You are so over thinking and just want to go to sleep. (And if there is anything that gets me all riled up, it's a good homage to Hole.)

She says it best over the fifth track on her album, "Summer Mood." "There's something about the summer/something about the summer/something that makes me moody." I feel ya' girl.

All I have to say is that it's been playing on repeat as I try to pack up my apartment and move...more details about that coming up! Expect everyone to get invites to House of Halsey ASAP!!!!


Morgsian said...

a few things.

1. hi chris!
2. the backs of my knees are always sweaty even when i am not otherwise sweating. it's my sweaty little secret.
3. you are good at writing about music in a different and better way than most people who write about music.

Jazz Hands said...

someone put one of my favorite songs by them to clips of my favorite movie ever. randomly awesome!


cheesegoodies said...

Thanks Morgan!

And Laura, you have been dragging this movie around forever and I've never seen it. YOU SHOULD BRING IT TO THE VINEYARD. Perffffect!